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Introduction bird shower

Introduction Bird Shower

A successful breeding also depends on the hygiene and care of your birds. To meet several needs in the care of your birds, we started to develop some new products for this purpose.


The first one in line is Bird Pedicure, already available in our webshop (link maken).

Next to come is Bird Shower.

Bird Shower is a concentrated liquid to dilute and use as a shower spray for the feathers:

  • – Good maintenance and cleaning of the plumage.
  • – Remove dust and makes shiny feathers.
  • – Indicated for exhibitions and shows.
  • – Important bath for cage birds kept indoor.
  • – Can be helpful when picking or showing over preening.


Bird Shower will be available in a bottle of 250 ml, for external use as shower or bath.

Soon available in our webshop !!