This Pantex-Coutteel website aims to inform you on the exclusive product range for Cage Birds from Dr. Coutteel and Pantex. You can order the products on this website.

Pantex Holland started cooperation with well-known avian veterinarian Dr. Peter Coutteel in 2017. The purpose of this joint venture is to further extend the product range for Cage Birds by developing and marketing new products. This way we offer fanciers a unique portfolio of products for the breeding of cage and aviary birds.

The first new items that have been added to the portfolio are based on existing medicines of Dr. Coutteel, the popular formulas Grog New and Starter Mix (= Flagellamix). We aim to introduce more products later.

Pantex Holland is well known for its high-quality animal Healthcare Products for livestock and racing pigeons. In 2013 specialized products for Cage Birds were added to the portfolio.

Dr. Peter Coutteel graduated from the State University of Ghent in 1983. From the beginning of his profession, Peter has put his focus on the field of birds. Thanks to his participation in congresses all around the world, his knowledge is not limited to healthcare of the most common species, he also knows a great deal about the less familiar feathered friends. Since 2000, he exclusively treats birds of all kinds in vet centre Trigenio in Nijlen (Belgium).