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Introduction bird shower

Introduction Bird Shower

A successful breeding also depends on the hygiene and care of your birds. To meet several needs in the care of your birds, we started to develop some new products for this purpose.


The first one in line is Bird Pedicure, already available in our webshop (link maken).

Next to come is Bird Shower.

Bird Shower is a concentrated liquid to dilute and use as a shower spray for the feathers:

  • – Good maintenance and cleaning of the plumage.
  • – Remove dust and makes shiny feathers.
  • – Indicated for exhibitions and shows.
  • – Important bath for cage birds kept indoor.
  • – Can be helpful when picking or showing over preening.


Bird Shower will be available in a bottle of 250 ml, for external use as shower or bath.

Soon available in our webshop !!

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Seminar for carduelis breeders

Dr. Peter Coutteel was invited to come over to Greece to give a seminar about common diseases in goldfinches, how to recognize and how to prevent.

The topics discussed:

most common diseases
preparation of the breeding birds
needs regarding food and supplements
environmental disinfection possibilities
importance of light

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4th International Festival for Birds Morocco

Dr. Peter Coutteel was invited to come over to Morocco in December 2018 to give a seminar about common bird diseases, how to recognize and how to prevent.


This festival is something special …


• exposition spread over an area of more than 2000 m².

• a carnival of birds with over 1000 participants.

scientific conferences supervised by Moroccan and foreign experts.

• ecological trips showing the richness of the biodiversity.

• educational activities for the benefit of children: drawing, recycling and gardening workshops that reached more than 1000 students.

• bird contests of the world Confederation of Ornithology, such as competition of birds of songs, colors, posture … which were under the direction of an international arbitration.

• artistic activities: the animal film contest, animal photography and drawing for amateurs and professionals of the field.

• a gala evening with a varied artistical menu: folk, traditional and modern.


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Introduction bird pedicure

Introduction Bird Pedicure

We started to develop some new products because we care for your birds.

The first one in line is Bird Pedicure.

Bird Pedicure is an ointment dedicated to treat and remove the excess of scales on the legs of your birds.


  • Especially in older birds.
  • Prevent constriction of rings.
  • Necessary for a good blood supply in the feet.
  • Indicated to use just before coupling f.i. when trimming nails.


You can easily apply the ointment by rubbing it gently, with a soft massage, on the scales.


Bird Pedicure is available in a tube with liquid ointment of 10 g, only for external use.

Now available in our webshop !!

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Mondial big succes

This year was the first time that Pantex Holland and Coutteel  worked together during the most important bird festival in the word, the Mondial!  During the four very busy days in Zwolle, we have welcomed many great bird fanciers from all over the world. We thanks those who have visited us and we are looking forward to seeing you all again next year in Portugal during Mondial COM 2020 in Porto!

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Due to summer holidays our offices are closed from Saturday 27.07.2019 until Monday 12.08.2019.

That means all web orders placed between Friday 26.07.2019 and Monday 12.08.2019 will be sent as soon as possible after our holidays.

We wish everyone pleasant summer holidays!