Alex Valentini

Alex Valentini (Italy) I am an Italian breeder in Riccione. Since 1990 I breed Goldfinches Major, European Siskin, Agi, Gibber italicus, Spanish Gibboso and  South Frill Canary with worldwide awards. “My passion has become my job.” For 21 years, my brother and I are the owners of the store Hobby Natura Ornithologia. I got to know the products of Dr. Coutteel on one of my trips to Belgium. Since then, after personally testing them in my aviary with great results, we have become retailers for Italy with great satisfaction from many customer breeders.

Joël Geldof

Joël Geldof (Belgium) For about 40 years now, we grow Border canaries. In the past, we also bred other canary varieties like the Yorkshire and the Gloster. During the last 25 years, this has brought us no less than 76 medals at the World Show COM!

We were always supported by Dr. Coutteel, who was constantly in the advice and support of us. Besides the vitamin supplements, we mainly find Flagellamix (= Starter Mix) a miraculous product!Thanks from Maria & Joël Geldof , Klerken (Belgium).

John Rossou

John Rossou (The Netherlands) is already 12 years world champion with 1 or more of his frill canaries. He has now won 76 medals at the world show of which 28 Gold.
An important aspect to get and keep his birds in top shape, are the vitamins and supplements of Dr. Coutteel.
Furthermore, regular monitoring and guidance in the medical field ensure good breeding results.

Rene Vercammen

René Vercammen (Belgium) Already very early in my life, I am fascinated by birds. As breeder of Gloster canaries I can stand up very well the competition at the international exhibitions. My breeding facilities are well equipped, the breeding  goes very smoothly, my hobby is my passion and with great satisfaction I am using the products of Dr. Coutteel.