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Coccidiosis and atoxoplasmosis treatment

Grog New contains 0.1 mg Diclazuril and 25 mg Oxytetracycline HCl per 1 gram.

One of today’s major problems in the breeding of passerine ornamental birds, is the presence of diseases like coccidiosis and atoxoplasmosis. On a secondary level, we often observe viral or fungal infections, such as circovirus (Black Spot disease) and “Megabacteria”.  To tackle these infections effectively, Dr. Coutteel developed in co-operation with Pantex Holland, the medication Grog New.


  • Treatment and prevention of different types of coccidiosis and atoxoplasmosis in passerine ornamental birds.
  • Against common bacterial infections for fledglings during growth.
  • Important support in preventing “Megabacteria” and Black Spot disease.



Oral administration through soft food/egg food.

Mix 20 grams (1 measuring spoon) of Grog New with 1 kg prepared soft/egg food.

Start adding the product  1 week before having the first youngsters.
Continue daily during the whole breeding season until weaning.


Jar 1 kg, including one measuring spoon.