Bene-Bac Plus (Powder)


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Probiotic to support crop and intestinal flora

Water-soluble powder

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Probiotic to support crop and intestinal flora

Water-soluble powder


Bene-Bac Plus contains a Source of Live Naturally-Occurring Microorganisms.

In healthy animals, we find both beneficial and harmful bacteria in the digestive system. However, the beneficial bacteria are susceptible and can suffer or be destroyed for all kinds of reasons. Bene-Bac Plus, can deliver the required number of beneficial bacteria (FOS and probiotics) in a completely safe way.



  • Changing nutritional or environmental conditions.
  • Stressful situations: travelling, moving, exhibition.
  • During hand-rearing and becoming independent.
  • Support of diseases as an additional treatment.
  • Improves appetite and builds immunity.
  • Helps the casting process in birds of prey.
  • After therapy with antibiotics.



Oral administration of the powder via the drinking water or food:

  • Dissolve 1 measuring spoon in 1 litre of drinking water.
  • Topdressing on moistened food or fresh fruit/vegetables.



Bene-Bac Plus powder (127 g).

The powder is easy to sprinkle over food or dissolve in drinking water.

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