Supplement to support the metabolism and moulting

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Supplement to support the metabolism and moulting


Hepato-Chol contains essential amino acids, vitamins, sorbitol and natural plant extracts.


The liver is an organ where various metabolic processes take place. Here a lot of substances are stored as a reserve, but also a number of wastes are excreted.



  • To improve the function of metabolism.
  • To help the excretion of waste.
  • To prevent a shortage of essential amino acids.
  • Important supplement during moulting.
  • Very useful for birds that get additional dyes.



  • Dosage through drinking water.
  • Mix 10 ml per litre of drinking water, best twice a week.
  • Shake before use. Contains plant extracts that can settle, without affecting the functioning of the product.



  • Fluid in bottles of 250 ml.
  • Double neck dispensing bottles with measuring chamber in ml.


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