Selection of aromatics and essential oils (immunity)

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Selection of aromatics and essential oils


Mycosol contains a selection of aromatics and essential oils that have a positive effect on health, including Oregano vulgaris and some thyme chemotypes, with a pronounced effect against a lot of problems and body weakness.



  • To strengthen health in an natural way.
  • To support immunity.
  • To keep a natural balance of the intestinal flora.
  • To obtain a soothing effect on the airways.
  • Support during recovery time.



  • Dosage through feeding: 10 ml per kg food.
  • Dosage through drinking water: 3 to 5 ml per litre of drinking water.



  • Fluid in bottles of 250 ml and 500 ml.
  • Double neck dispensing bottles with measuring chamber in ml.


The formula is suitable for long term use because of the presence of propolis and essential oils.


More information about the food supplements you can download HERE.